We love to be different.

You are looking for something that is completely different from the usual mainstream. Communications that consider the current tectonic shifts in our culture and society. Emotional, and fact-based at the same time. For example, mind blowing live events extended into the virtual space. You are striving for excellence and are looking for a partner who will go the extra mile for you and with you. And you are interested in working directly with the agency owner to make your ideas a reality. That’s why we should talk to each other. 

“Developing strategies, concepts and solutions that meet your specific needs is the great strength of CurtiusWineConsulting. We offer a first-hand and one-stop experience – tailor-made strategies, high-profile events, marketing campaigns and PR.”

We are specialised in intercultural international communication projects. Based in Germany and with a profound knowledge of European markets, we support you in performing at the highest level and developing new target groups, markets and country-specific campaigns. We set new standards in live communication and create unforgettable moments by communicating “differently”.

The mastermind and driving force behind CurtiusWineConsulting is internationally raised and educated Feodora Curtius. Feodora founded CurtiusWineConsulting more than a decade ago after managing marketing and sales projects in various industries. Her vision of “class not mass” has evolved into a boutique powerhouse for communication and marketing – an owner-managed manufactory with a global network of some of the world’s leading wine and marketing experts.

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Our dedicated network of expert partners – Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, digital and business developers as well as audio-visual creatives – encompasses a comprehensive knowledge of wine, and beyond. Awareness of a changing communication landscape, economic and social factors, and of thinking in more than one dimension and discipline. This is also one of our trump cards and the solid foundation for our 360-degree way of thinking. 

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